by Mike Mulshine

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how i feel about the puppet race 2020


stop puttin puppets up on podiums
powermongers sportin pale flesh preach utopia
orange face wig made of trash grease and sodium
lyin to us swear they got our water laced with opium

if you don't listen you don't know me then
lubricate your thoughts baste your brain in petroleum
gotta talk to folks you dont know Sikh Estonian
Black White bet you all grew up on Nickelodeon

bet you all flew out a pink fallopian
whining while ur screamin thru the opening
cryin like accordions
freudian slippin cut the coil then
leave the place escorted by a worrisome consortium

only some were born orange with a gorgon head
doctor had to numb his vocal cords he was roarin when
he came out, orange hair ablaze put the flame out
now he rules the country vote his motherfuckin name out

alright im gonna give some basic ass reasons
why we all ended up beneath some baby ass heathen
you see... America's still got its racist ass demons
but most of yall are fine bein complacent plus greedy

proud of a proud boy with his phallus exposed
off balance and slow, evil with his malice on show
you say "some folks overseas say he's talented tho"
well those same folks overseas thought Stalin was dope

why dont y'all listen to your Catholic pope?
do the math, are you slow?
sorry thisaint calculus bro
you're losin sight of god, followin a fascist who groped
underage teens with Jeffrey Epstein Maxwell and Co.

yeah... these are facts you all know
so will you join them in the castle or come splash in the moat?
makin waves... just one last thing then i'll go
don't forget to use your conscious when youre casting your vote


released October 26, 2020
Mike Mulshine, music, lyrics, production


all rights reserved



Mike Mulshine California

Mike Mulshine is an independent songwriter, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

He studied Western experimental acoustic and electronic music before finding his voice through a unique fusion of hip-hop, soul, and jazz.
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