East Coast

by Mike Mulshine

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"East Coast" is a song about finding yourself in this wild ride we call life... Self-produced with a little midi keyboard and USB microphone wooo. <3


We did it all for love

kissin on a plane above the east coast
turbulence got her shakin like ur hands on a free throw
better bet we bounce it back and sink a three tho
known to spice it up shake the creole
anyway, we been peerin out the peephole
squintin through the clouds at all the people
maybe we can see Seoul
i swear her skin as soft as sheeps wool
still i hold her close cuz she say she cold

and this is just the prequel
we will
take our kids to see the world
prolly stop at sea world
let em chase the seagulls
teach em bout a clean home
bet will get a pet maybe a beagle
feed my baby girl til she say she full
let her fly up in the sky like she an eagle
man she got no equal
man she just a week old
teeth fall feet grow
now she carried off barely legal
now she married off beneath a steeple
all for love

and we did it all for love

[ VERSE 2 ]
where have i been
where am i going
am i defined by the past
or the line that i grow in
what lies ahead?
i lie in bed and greet the future
tie up my flesh and squeeze the sutures
linen all red and im
ready to get up and go
i pick up my head and i hold it high
too old to cry
too young to know
my own strength
my own mind
all of my knowledge's learned through fallin
look back at my life now lets be honest

look back at my memories and all of them
look like they'd all prime me for a profit
look like they'd all lock me in an office
look like hopes and dreams but now its broke realities
dope and dos equis hope we dont end up bein alcoholics
time pass and things change leaves fallin
time for class straight As leave college
time for interviews and dates he's all in
time for honeymoons and eggs
sewin seeds in loose legs
child screams as you pray reap harvest

and what did i do to deserve all this
was it the work that i put in
was it the color of my skin
the caliber of my kin
prolly all of it
what can i say, im just an artist

and i wont stop ive hardly star ted
with what ive got ill go the farthest
breakin boundaries crossin margins
often found collectin stardust
by the pound before we part just
keep this sound inside your heart
and when your down just press restart
let trauma out and call it art
and form a cloud and call it love


released April 3, 2020
Mike Mulshine, John McBain (JPM Mastering)


all rights reserved



Mike Mulshine California

Mike Mulshine is an independent songwriter, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

He studied Western experimental acoustic and electronic music before finding his voice through a unique fusion of hip-hop, soul, and jazz.
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